Train the Mind,
Heal the Heart

By Amanda Stoker

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Train the Mind, Heal the Heart is an experiential journey through life: How the author stumbled into adulthood, found a way to heal, reparent herself, and uncovered life purpose. Part memoir, part transformation guide, it’s a practical manual to free yourself from the emotional wounds that hold you back. Through meditation, intention-setting, gratitude, and action, you’ll learn to rewrite your own limiting stories and uncover your confidence and resilience.

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As I put the white cylinder to my lips and inhaled deeply, I wondered. Smoke billowed out of my mouth along with the promise I’d made to myself the day before, to quit—for real this time. Every day it was a new rationalization. “I’ll quit when I finish this pack.” “I’ll only smoke 3 today.” “I had a rough week. I deserve one.” With renewed commitment, I’d break the remaining cigarettes and throw the pack in the trash. The next day, dig them out and fasten them back together. Trying to outsmart myself, I’d soak them all in water. The next day, buy a new pack. How could I strengthen the part of me that wanted to quit?

Slap, slap, slap, slap. The sound of my shoes striking earth was a rhythmic drumbeat, drowning out a waterfall of thoughts. My breath was the metronome for my feet. I inhaled thick, humid air deep into my lungs, then let it wash out of my body, taking with it any lingering concerns. A layer of sweat suspended on my skin, beet red from the Thailand sun. Bamboo towered over my path, an emerald archway. Curiosity guided me as I darted and weaved up and down hillsides, exhilarated.


Mid-workout, fatigue drapes over me like a heavy blanket. The lazy, potato-chip-eating fat guy in my mind says: “You’re tired. Everything hurts. Why are you doing this? Stop.” I let up on my pace.

“WHAT’S LIMITING YOU?! KEEP GOING!” The voice of my coach, Cora, rings in my ears.

My momentum speeds. The negative voices of complaint stop. “What is limiting me? I get to do this. I want to do this.” I push on.

What limits you when you’re aiming for growth?


About the author

Hi! I’m Amanda, the author of this book. I’ve been a lot of things: Mormon daughter, yoga teacher, bartender, fitness coach, divorcee, reiki practitioner, esthetician, mystic, and mindset coach. And I’ve fallen flat on my face too many times to count trying to figure out how to change my life.

This book is my passion and purpose: a decade’s worth of disciplined self-improvement, of victories and misfires and joys and try-agains. Each time I scraped myself off the pavement, I got a little bit closer to true freedom, the kind that brings you to your knees and sends your spirit soaring.

I’m no expert. I’m just a person who has traveled the road to emotional healing. I’m sharing what I’ve learned in hopes that it can help you get there too.

In healing yourself, you teach the world to heal. In loving yourself, you teach the world to love. In realizing your own limitless possibilities, you teach the world the magnitude of their potential.

Photography by Lincoln Brigham

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Train the Mind, Heal the Heart

By Amanda Stoker

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